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Micheal O'Brien, Ted McBrien Founders of Unlimited Investigations

Robert Marleau left - Micheal O'Brien right

Robert Marleau left - Micheal O'Brien right

About UI Founders: Unlimited Investigations (UI) was founded and licensed in Ontario Canada in early 1990 by Defence and Foreign Affairs Journalist Micheal O'Brien ( with Ted McBrien (Retired York Region Police Inspector) at the end of the Cold War and after O'Brien's leaving Maclean Hunter Limited to join MPRM Group Limited.

O'Brien went on to cover five more wars as Editor and Chief Defence and Foreign Affairs Writer for The Wednesday Report (Published by: Maclean Hunter:1986-1990, MPRM Group:1990-2004) and continued to work as Chief Investigator of UI and a large staff of former police officers and investigative journalists.

In 1992 the firm began work in interventions and missing persons while maintaining a staff dedicated to supporting criminal defence lawyers such as John Hill, David Lakie, Allan Gold, Michelle Feurst and so on. Working with John Hill (Faculty: Queens University) in private practice UI investigated high profile section 675 appeals such as "The Port Hope Eight" and the "Allan Kinsella Case".

The firm led an investigation into the whereabouts of 2 year old "Kayla". Slow in getting up to speed the team failed to find the child before she died at the hands of her kidnappers. The kidnappers were eventually found and one was brought to justice. Micheal O'Brien and Ted McBrien vowed to never spare any effort whatsoever in the future and since that time the firm has taken some extraordinary measures on behalf of clients including the late 1992 rescue of two women from a Texas Compound run by David Koresh (August 17, 1959 - April 19, 1993) and various activities to rescue children from Tony Alamo compounds in three USA states. Alamo (born Bernie Lazar Hoffman; September 20, 1934) is an American religious leader and convicted child sex offender).

During the 1990s Micheal O'Brien and Unlimited Investigations made the news while rescuing missing persons found in religious cult compounds in various parts of the United States.  Other Cult rescues included Satanic, Opus Dei, Stewart Traill followers, remnant extremists and large crime families including Hells Angels, Warlocks, Outlaws and other notorious sex-trade traffickers from the Asian Underworld.

Micheal O'Brien was also involved in the Paul Bernardo investigation and numerous criminal matters on behalf of the victims of crime. Working for various foreign embassies to Canada, Micheal O'Brien has leveraged his international war correspondent experience in many ways to provide useful service in complex investigative and security matters with a view to crime prevention and security of the person.

Micheal O'Brien and members of the UI staff were instrumental in assisting Canadians set up safe houses and detox centers in Ontario after discovering that every intervention case resulted in the need to find a rehab centre in the USA because none were available in Canada.

Since the death of senior partners in the firm, UI focus has been on interventions and rescues on behalf of clients all over the world. Most recent work has been in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, The Subcontinent and the USA.

With a Bachelors in Science (Systems and Logistics Integration) in Engineering plus a later Psychology major focussed on abnormal behaviour and forensic analysis, O'Brien was primed for work in analyzing criminal behaviour, particularly related to information technology and stock trading. In 1998 Micheal O'Brien and one other member of the UI team completed a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering course at Georgian College in Ontario supplementing O'Brien's  UofT B Eng. (Electronic Sys. Engineering and Integration Logistics) and later studied under the auspices of the U.S. Air Force and the Canada Revenue Agency in areas of forensic computer security and economic sovereignty investigations. (O'Brien is the author of sophisticated internet crawlers and sniffers capable of "following the money" in financial transactional arrangements that take product delivery, payments and banking through a series of complicated detection-avoidance manoeuvres spanning many nations.) [Micheal O'Brien went on to complete a Masters (Psychology) in Science and is a PhD (Public Health) Candidate.]

Micheal O'Brien was the lead investigator in the international (Interpol) Kretz/Auspacher case in Germany where perpetrators who had fled to Canada were extradited and sentenced in Germany for bilking millions from European investors using complex computer schemes in many different stock and commodity markets.

In 2010 Micheal O'Brien launched a campaign to remove certain media from the internet portraying the rape of a victim in Pitt Meadows British Columbia. That effort was successful but in its difficulty shone a light on a new need and direction for the firm.

 In 2011 Micheal O'Brien was asked by former client lawyers and friends who had worked on that matter to assist in the removal from Facebook, a social networking site that had been spawned in early 2003 by a University Student in the USA, to cause the removal of certain "rape pages" that exploited previous rape victims and encouraged the crime of rape.

Micheal O'Brien with two other friends from the agency co-founded (Rape Is No Joke), a non-profit organization based in Toronto and British Columbia, Canada. UI has donated generously to RINJ as a worthy non-profit organization which is the only one of its kind in Canada. RINJ continues its work around the world seeking stiffer penalties for rapists; promoting the creation of a better criminal justice system; and seeking to advance a rape-averse social conscience, because Rape Is No Joke (RINJ).

Micheal O'Brien is semi-retired from UI and remains as an advisor to the firm and its controlling shareholder. He is still active in the business of as are several of UI's staff.

The firm continues to be active worldwide primarily in the area of crime prevention consulting and cult and drug interventions; kidnap negotiations/interventions and missing person investigations.


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